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Client Raves

Christy, I truly cannont thank you enough, they turned our far more beautiful that I ever imagined! You truly have impacted me and this memory for the rest of my life. No thank you or price could ever express my gratitude!  -Hilari, Senior

Just looked at the pics, Christy. YOu are so talented. I love how you capture their personalities!!  THey will be treasured, cant wiat to canvas the whole house with them. Thanks for everything. – Rachael, mom of toddlers

Christy, thank you so much!  The pics are beautiful.. I took the book to work, and of course all the moms asked me what your name was. And when I told them about the entire experience, the picking out of clothes, the hair and make up, dressing changes, and just the memory of a lifetime, combined with the beautiful pics….who wouldn’t do this for the child they love?   I do not regret a penny spent…Thanks so much!!!  Ellen, mom of a senior.

Christy, honestly from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU THANK YOU for the kiddos pics! I cant stop looking at them! They are perfect.  You are so full of talent.  Thanks again. -Heather, mom of toddlers.

Thanks, Christy!  I can’t wait to see the rest of them.  This is EXACTLY what I hoped for…precious pictures of her beautiful smile.  So, so thankful. Stephanie, mom. Adoption Session

I just wanted to drop you a note, in case you have not seen our new website.  I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the photography! We have received really good reviews from those who have visited the site.  Thanks for working with us on this project. -Mitch, business owner.  Commercial Project

Thanks! We had a great time (she loved you!) Thanks for making it fun!  Lynne, mom of a senior.