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NEW : : Quick Pics Sessions!

Kids change so quickly.  One day they have their teeth, the next they are missing them, a month later, there are adult teeth growing in all the wrong places of their mouths.  The same goes for their faces.  One day it’s round and babyish, and just months later, they lose the chub and start looking like little kids!  One day they do that tongue sticking out smile, the next it’s a cheese smile. We want to capture each of their changes- and we think that this price point gives you the perfect excuse!  After 4 years of doing our Share the Love valentine’s sessions, we have discovered that we LOVE offering our clients these very quick, 5 minute sessions at literally a small fraction of the price of a custom child session!  So we have added them to our offerings and schedule Quick Pics sessions 4 times this year.  We will be working with our fabulous set designers to put together some really cute sets for our kiddos and are thrilled to have our little kiddos get updated pictures all year long for the price of one custom session.

Quick Pics sessions offer a FREE session fee
Digital Images can be purchased for $75 each, or $125 for 5 images
Each Quick Pics session features a styled set by our amazing designers

All of the following images were captured at our 2016 valentines Quick Pics sessions…