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Senior Model Profile–Chloe

A senior from Caledonia, Chloe Kurant is a born leader. She is active as a cheerleader and wants to use her place on her cheer team to influence younger girls in the program. She helps out with girls at the middle school level and in Rocket Cheer. She credits her faith with helping her to lead well and with being a good influence on others.

Chloe’s mom wrote this about her in her referral letter: “I may be a bit biased, but I think Chloe is a beautiful girl inside and out.  She continues to strive for excellence in everything she does. At times, Chloe does not see her efforts pay off as she would like, and may get down on herself.  Not only does this happen with school and cheer related activities, but also with her self –esteem.  She is a great leader through Cheer, and although she may have a bad day and be down on herself, she is the first person to build someone else up.  My hope is that through this model program, Chloe will see the true beauty that she is, inside and out.”

Chloe hopes that her time with the Embolden team allows her a greater platform to encourage others and to be a role model. We think that you’re a delight, Chloe, and we know that your willingness to shine on our team expands your opportunity to be a light where you live and cheer and go to school. We wish you all the best in your senior year, and are so glad for the chance to get to know you better. You’ll do great things in this world!


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