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Senior Model Profile–Ian

Ian Gluck is a senior at Spring Lake High School. Ian is active in the theatre program, and he directs fifth through ninth graders in a six week theatre program in the summer. The program culminates in a full-length musical each year. Ian works to inspire creativity in his students, and to be a good role model for them as they participate. He is well-respected in the theatre community and hopes to utilize his role as a director to have influence on others. In his reference letter, Mary describes Ian as being “Smart, talented, personable, loyal, reliable, hard worker, and dedicated to his craft. In any job, it is important to have someone who shows up where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be.  If this is the type person you are looking for, Ian is the one you want.

Ian also feels strongly about finding ways to decrease bullying in school and to support those who have struggled with being bullied. He knows that bullying can really impact someone’s school experience and wants to prevent classmates from struggling through this prevalent problem.

Ian, thanks much for representing on our model team this year. You have an unforgettable smile and personality, and we know you’re going places. Can’t wait to watch and see how your senior year and acting career unfold!IMG_7847-Edit-EditIMG_7854-Edit-EditIMG_7910-Edit-BWIMG_7949-Edit-EditIMG_8008-Edit-EditIMG_8032-Edit-EditIMG_8063-Edit-EditIMG_8121-Edit-EditIMG_8182-Edit-EditIMG_8209-Edit-EditIMG_8225-Edit-EditIMG_8269-Edit-Edit

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