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Innocademy School Picture Days

We are thrilled to be photographing the Innocademy students this year! Looking ahead, we have a great forecast but it being Michigan, we are keeping our fingers crossed! If the weather permits, we will take the pictures outside on October 4 & 5, but have October 6 blocked off in case we have a reschedule need.

Each class of students is assigned a specific time to come out for their pictures and at that time, they will present an order form with money or an order form that states they are not ordering pictures.  Thank you so much for helping us keep kids straight by sending in their filled out forms, as well as correct change or checks made out to Embolden Studio!!

We have added a gallery of images here so you can look through them and determine what sorts of clothing choices and colors you like best with the backgrounds that we shoot the students in front of.  It’s typically green, some autumn browns, and we also use the building as a backdrop.  We will do our best to capture authentic smiles and giggles, and present you with the very best option for your order.

If you have any questions before next week, please feel free to email us at info@emboldenstudio.com


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